The new plant is equipped with state of the art parboiling and production facility. For the production level our rice mill is set up with the latest technology used in Japan, Europe and India. We have high-tech processing equipment and control system that is responsible for maintenance of quality. This system and our dedicated teams of quality and control managers work hard to bring the supreme quality rice to our customers.


To produce best export quality rice highly skilled & qualified persons are working in the departments of purchase, production, and quality control etc. For the purpose of quality assurance, rice is inspected on every stage of production. Quality Control department work independently and they are answerable to the top management.


BRM laboratory is fully equipped with modern tools. On arrival to the factory, rice samples are drawn to determine yield, after cooking characteristics, broken percentage and odor in rice. Highly trained and experienced personnel closely watch every process. Qualified analyzer right from raw rice to finished end product performs sample testing to ensure that product delivered to customer conforms to the given specifications.

Warehouse Facility

BRM houses a spacious and hygienic warehousing facility with the capacity of 20000 MT. This allows the management to be more flexible in their storage of raw materials and also the production of different stages.  Stocks are monitored time-to-time and fumigated.

White Rice

Paddy is dried to reduce moisture content. This is achieved by passing through vertical dryer. Dried Paddy is processed through different classifiers to remove impurities. Rubber rolls remove husk from paddy. Husk is separated through aspiration system and Brown rice is achieved.

Parboiled Rice

BRM produces finest quality of parboiled rice. Parboiled plant constructed with the collaboration of famous Indian manufacturer. Parboiled process involves soaking, steaming and drying of rice. After drying and cooling husker removes the outer layer of the rice kernels. And the brown rice fed into whitening machines. The advantage of parboiled rice is that it is enriched with vitamin B and protein.

Milling of rice

Rice is fed into multifunctional cleaning machines in order to remove impurities, dust particles and stones. Clean rice is passed to milling section where grains are rub together under pressure. This abrasive pressure removes the bran layer revealing white or polished rice. Polished rice is than passed through mist polisher, which is imported, from Satake Japan. The Satake KB60 mist polisher put less pressure on rice due to its two stage milling chamber, which result in a superior products and longer shelf life.

After friction polishing rice moves from different stages of grading. Grading is the process of removing the broken from head rice and sorting them into fractions of different length, and is stored in Sotex bin. Rice grains are sorted by latest Satake Japan sorting machines, (RMGS 1402) which separates discolored grains from normal grains. After sorting again the grading is done, to ensure perfect quality and stored in bins. The product packed is in different packs.

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Rice is processed and packed according to international standards. Strict inspection is done to ensure quality and stitching of packing.
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We offer corn grits that is produced from whole yellow corn. The processing involves separation of the fatty substance and bran from grits and presenting the grits in desired particle size. These corn grits are widely used in extruded snack food industry, breakfast cereals, breweries, confectionery and bakeries, etc.

The coarsest of mill granulations, degermed corn grits are generated from the hardest portions of the corn and contain no chemicals or preservatives. They can be used in applications ranging from ready-to-eat cereals to brewing adjuncts and pet foods. Also, utilized in pizza and bakery applications.

This meal is used for extruded snacks or cereals, processed foods, baked goods, dry mixes, malt beverages and fermentation processes. Dusting Meal – Medium-grade meal used in hearth breads, pizzas, dry mixes, bread or muffin coatings and bakery blends. Corn Cones – Fine, uniform meal used in processed foods such as corn dog mix or hush puppies, extruded cereals, muffin and dry bakery mixes. Standard Meal – Wide-ranging granulation with higher fat content utilized in pet foods and pest management products. Fine Grits – For extruded cereals and processed pet foods.

Process of corn

Located in the heart of the finest maize producing area in Pakistan, there is abundance of quality raw material available around the year.  The raw material are packed in jute bags and are transported from the farms to the markets, where our experienced skilled staff purchases best quality raw material.

Each bag of raw material is checked manually before unloading  from the trucks to ensure best quality.  The raw material is batched by our unique batching system.

The raw material is fed to the machinery unit where it undergoes pre-cleaning section, extensive cleaning section designed specifically for maize, and milling section. In milling section the final products are classified into 4 different qualities based on its application.  This fully automated processing unit provides the quality end product which is untouched by human hand.

Quality of the product is randomly checked for quality in the lab, multiple times in each shift prior to packing. The packed products are batched to provide detailed tracebility and then stocked in the yards.