The history of Rice is as old as mankind, but probably not older than 2,800 B.C. as known to the historians. Originally Paddy was a self growing plant in the low lying areas adjoining sea shores and river banks. In the sub continent, Rice grain botanically known as “oryza stiva“ is the staple food of almost half of the mankind. Its coarse varieties are consumed by low-income people while the fine and improved types with varying recipes occupy the important place at elite class dinning tables. No formal or informal occasion can afford to skip this important food item at homes or restaurants, hence consumed in huge quantities all over the world. It is relished by the majority of people irrespective of class, rich or poor. Rice, being the most enriched food grain, is grown all over the world and is a comprehensive food consisting of the following ingredients:- Nutritional value per 100 grams (Energy 350 Calories)
Protein : 6.4 grams
Carbohydrates : 79 grams
Dietary Fiber : 2.4 grams
Fat : 0.4 grams
Calcium : 09 ml grams
Iron : 04 ml grams
Thiamine : 0.21 ml grams
Riboflavin : 0.05 ml grams
Niacin : 03.8 ml grams